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Nothing is more important to us than your safety. Your safety is our primary concern and we always want you to enjoy relaxed trip with Adventure Master Treks. Although we have done everything from our side to make treks safe, nothing is guaranteed in this crazy world and we want you to get immediate emergency services without any hassles if some accidents occur during trek. So, we strongly recommend everyone that signs up with Adventure Master Treks to buy travel insurance. Without proper travel insurance, a relaxed and worry free trip is not possible. Travel insurance is of utmost importance because the cost of emergency services, evacuation and treatment is shocking to many. It is the only way to protect you against such expenses. While buying travel insurance, you should be careful and make sure your insurance policy covers all activities undertaken in the trip. Make sure your insurer is aware of Adventure Master Trek’s trip itinerary that you are undertaking. If you are trekking or climbing in the Himalayas, your insurance policy must cover emergency rescue services (air ambulance/ helicopter rescue) as well as medical expenses. For Tibet trips, there is no availability of helicopter rescue and helicopter rescue can be avoided in this case. It’s better if your travel insurance includes trip cancellation otherwise deposits paid are non-refundable.

You need to either send your copy of travel insurance policy certificate or simply carry along with you during your trip. Adventure Master Treks do not sell or arrange any type of Travel Insurance Policy. However, we can recommend some of the travel insurance companies that our clients have used.

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