“Life is full of adventures. There’s no such thing as a clear path.”

High in the arid wilderness of the Himalayan mountains, Tibet is publicly also known as the "Roof of the World" which to many people is no superfluous statement as it is majorly made up of high soaring peaks and glaciers at high elevations. Tibet is currently the world’s largest plateau generally surrounded by the Himalayas, Kailash and Pamir mountain ranges. Despite strict restrictions, Tibet has the capability to blow your mind with the serene and isolated parts untouched by our modern inconveniences.

Tibet is the lost ‘Shangri-La City’ with landscape full of marvelous turquoise lakes, deep valleys, emerald green forests, glittering snow mountains, extensive grassland, and wild desert, making Tibet a land full of wonders to the visitor’s eye. Also being home to some of the most holy and respected pilgrimage sites in the world, Tibet is a place of immense religious harmony preserved since ages. Tibetan thangka paintings, culinary cuisine mixed with diverse religious and cultural virtues, prayer flags, and language are some of the major highlights of a trip to Tibet as they represent important artistic and long-established symbols of this massive plateau. Distinctive ethnic groupings and numerous vibrant festivals embellish the highlands with magnificent monasteries, incredible high altitude treks; extravagant vistas of the world’s highest mountains make Tibet a prime destination for the mountain traveler. Here at Adventure Master Treks & Expedition, we provide you with proper accommodation facility at various categories of hotels and also offer you professional guides who light up your vision about the splendid tourist destinations.

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