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“Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once.”

One of the most amazing things one could be doing once they arrive in Nepal is Trekking and being home to some of the most popular trekking destinations in the world, Nepal offers the most visited Annapurna region and the classic yet glamorous trails of the Everest region. In Nepal Trekking is popularly done in more well known trekking destinations like Everest, Annapurna and Langtang regions. Nevertheless, there are extra other trekking regions which are less traveled around, geologically isolated and rarely visited by the many travel enthusiasts.

In the long run the major well-liked and admired trekking regions like Everest and Annapurna region go down with their genuineness and bona fide excites as it won’t be like the first time. So “Off the beaten path” treks are required and desired to keep those enthusiasm and legitimacy alive. From the parched countryside of the Upper Mustang across the Himalayas to the abundant and luxuriant background of the Makalu region, off the beaten paths trek provides trekkers with broad assortment of scenery, natural world, landscape, flora and fauna and cultural traditions of the local community. In 1991 many of the restricted trekking regions were opened by the government which typically requires a bit of physical fortitude. Secreted in the diverse areas of the Himalayas and being hardly ever noticed by the travelers, these off the beaten path treks puts forward you with serene and picturesque environment, impervious cultural and traditional principles, and secluded lifestyle fortified away from the current influence. Along with that off the beaten paths trek provide travelers with great taste buds to indulge themselves in the genuine cuisine and local dishes served up with their traditional methods. In a way off the beaten path treks are like a doorway to another reality where one receives more than they desired with no bad consequences. And lastly on the contrary Off the Beaten Path Treks offers truly exceptional and distinctive culture, traditions, panorama, backdrop, vegetation, wildlife.

Look through the trekking packages listed below and discover a feeling of ecstasy with our “Off the beaten path treks.”


Upper Mustang Trek

“You cannot create experience. You must undergo it” Upper Mustang is regarded as one of the most eye-catching trek destinations of Nepal. Located up north near to the international border between Nepal and Tibet, Upper Mustang is a very extreme trekking destination of Nepal that is sure to give a journey o Read More..

14 days

USD 1738

Kanchenjunga Trekking

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” Explore the mystical land of the trans-Himalayan region in our Kanchenjunga Trek. Kanchenjunga Trekking is an adventurous trekking experience to the remote area of Nepal cornered in the far north-eastern region of Nepal. Kanchenjunga Trek is a long ye Read More..

22 days

USD 2345

Manaslu Circuit Trekking

“Go through the wilderness and into the snowy mountains to find a glorious sight.” Manaslu Circuit Trek is a stunning substitute to the Annapurna and Everest region which goes around the eighth highest peak in the world, Mt. Manaslu with an elevated height of 8,163m. In our trek you shall explore the chall Read More..

14 days

USD 1407

Ganesh Himal Trekking

“We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong.” Ganesh Himal Trek also known as the “Hidden Valleys” of the Himalayas, is located on the high valleys of the Northern Tibetan border. Ganesh Himal 7110m/23326ft trekking is one of the finest trekking where you get to view the awe Read More..

12 days


Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek

“Real adventure lies in the wilderness not in the civilization.” Mt. Kanchenjunga is 8,586 meter tall making it the world’s third highest mountain in the world and also one of the most challenging peaks for climbing in the Himalayas. Our Kanchenjunga South Base Camp Trek takes you to the vicinity of Read More..

17 days


Kanchenjunga Circuit North to South Trek

 “By replacing fear of the unknown with curiosity, we open ourselves up to an infinite stream of possibility. Literally the word “Kanchenjunga” comes from the old Tibetan language and deciphers as “Five treasures of snow.” Local populations have adored these sacred mountains since an Read More..

23 days


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