Makalu Trekking


Trip Overview

“Life is an adventure so take risks and see with an open mind what lies ahead for you.”

Makalu-Barun National Park, a virtually uninhabited 1500 km2 area of Eastern Nepal, is very close to virgin wilderness. This trek to the base camp of the world's fifth highest mountain takes place in the Makalu Barun National Park, a place of outstanding natural beauty, which is recognized internationally for the diversity of its flora and fauna. This is even more the case if you intend to trek the Great Himalaya Trail from Kanchenjunga over to Everest: be prepared for a combination of cross-country and mountaineering to cross into the upper Barun Valley and then over the high passes of the grueling Three Cols, which take you to almost 6200m.

Makalu is a rarely visited gem. The camping trail to Makalu Base Camp from the south is considered one of the tougher routes in Nepal but the views are worth it and also you’re more likely to have the company of birds than fellow hikers. The rewards are generous. Our journey begins with an hour-long flight to Tumlingtar whereas the real trek starts from Chichila. The trekking route is populated by a diverse cross-section of Nepali peoples, many of whom live in isolated villages and rely on subsistence farming for their livelihoods. The lower reaches of the trail are renowned for their lushness with verdant rhododendron forests whereas the upper reaches of the trail comprise of polished granite cliffs capped by hanging glaciers, overflowing with waterfalls. As you walk up the river valleys, immense mountain vistas will unfold before you, including the massifs of Makalu, Everest and Lhotse. This unique landscape shelters some of the last pristine mountain ecosystems on earth. The Barun Valley is part of a huge international protected area under an agreement between Nepal and China. Due to its relative inaccessibility, it is little-known to tourists and few trekking groups visit. The region was completely closed to the outside world until 1952 when Eric Shipton visited, crossing what became known as the Shipton La (4,220m). Makalu Base Camp offers an exceptional opportunity to explore high-altitude terrains, snow-clad landscapes and ethnic Himalayan lifestyle. From a view point above base camp you can enjoy a superb panorama of some of the world's highest mountains, including Everest (8,850m), Lhotse (8,516m), Makalu (8,463m), Chamlang (7,319m) and Baruntse (7,220m). The Makula-Barun Valley provides stunning contrasts, where high waterfalls cascade into deep gorges, craggy rocks rise from lush green forests, and colorful flowers bloom beneath white snow peaks. The 20-day Makalu Base Camp Trek is an ideal choice for avid trekkers and nature enthusiasts who seek solace and tranquility in pristine natural habitat and those who wish to avoid crowds.

In our Makalu Trekking you shall experience an unbeatable combination of natural beauty, cultural splendor and panoramic view of mountains for which you need to have good physical fitness. April to mid June and September to November are preferably considered as the best seasons to trek here in this region. Join now and be a part of Adventure Master Treks & Expedition to experience a surreal adventure while trekking to Makalu region of Nepal.

Itinerary Overview

Day 01 : Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 02 : Fly from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar & drive to Chichira

Day 03 : Trek to Num

Day 04 : Trek to Seduwa

Day 05 : Seduwa to Tashigaon

Day 06 : Tashigaon to Khongma

Day 07 : Acclimatization Day

Day 08 : Trek to Dobate

Day 09 : Trek to Yangri Kharka

Day 10 : Trek to Langmale Kharka

Day 11 : Trek to Makalu Base Camp

Day 12 : Trek to Yangri Kharka

Day 13 : Trek to Dobate

Day 14 : Trek to Khongma

Day 15 : Trek to Tashigaon

Day 16 : Trek to Num

Day 17 : Trek to Tumlingtar

Day 18 : Fly back to Kathmandu

Day 19 : Final Departure


Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu

Arrive at the Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) and complete the formalities at the immigration. After that you will be greeted by representative of Adventure Master Treks & Expedition who shall escort you to the hotel of your stay. Get rest to your jetlagged body amidst the hospitality and facilities provided by the hotel. Explore the surrounding streets of the hotel of your stay and enjoy the authentic cuisines served to you. Stay overnight at Kathmandu.

Day 02: Fly from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar & drive to Chichila

This day begins with the early flight to the small hill town of Tumlingtar, located to the eastern bank of Arun River. The 35 minutes flight to Tumlingtar takes us along the chain of lofty Himalayas including the mightiest Everest, Makalu and Kanchenjunga mountains and over the range of hill hills to the climate that feels quite tropical to the travelers. After meeting with remaining members of our trekking team, we shall take a drive into the hills and base of lofty Makalu Mountain in the eastern Nepal to a place called Chichila. Through the cultivation fields of rice, wheat, barley & potato, and along the ridge dividing the valley formed by Arun River, we reach the town of Khadbari. This town is surrounded by sub-tropical forest, hosts several government offices as it serves as the administrative headquarter of Sankhuwasabha district and Barun National Park. From there our drive follows the route passing through moss covered forest along the ridge towards Chichila, where there is a large camping site with few tea houses. Stay overnight at Chichila.

Day 03: Trek to Num

Today marks the day when we start our magnificent trekking adventure so after waking up and having our breakfast, we shall begin walking away from the pictorial village of Chichila. In the initial sections of our trek, trekkers have the chance to witness outstanding views of several Himalayan mountains if the weather permits. Walking further ahead we now have to go pas the rich and lush rhododendron forests with astonishing natural beauty everywhere. Ornamented with the blossoming rhododendrons we take on the route surrounded by abundant vegetation of oak trees and bamboo forest along the ridge of the hill. Our journey shall now reach the Sherpa village of Mure but before we shall traverse through the ridge which continues gaining incredible vistas of Makalu and Chamlang mountains. From this point onward, we shall tumble down the valley in order to arrive at our final destination of Num village. Num village is a stunningly placed village at the altitude of 1,500 meters where we can observe the alluring views of Arun River and upcoming Seduwa village. Stay overnight at Num.

Day 04: Trek to Seduwa

Continuing our trek, we shall head further to Seduwa village which we saw previously from the Num village. Even though the view seemed pretty closer yesterday, the trail today can change that as you are bound to see for yourself today. After having our breakfast, we now trek forward initially with a very vertical descent down from the Num village. Passing through the terraced slopes from the Num village, we have to continue walking along the trail beside the stunning sight & sound of Arun River for the coming few meters. Afterward trekkers shall reach a suspension bridge which will be used by them to cross the Arun River, upon crossing the river we shall now go over through some thickly forested and smooth parts of the trail ahead. Later on we start climbing up the hill shall start as soon as we cross the incredible glacial river and passing through the slanting terrains in front we shall reach Runruma village. From this instance, trekkers need to make a last ascend further on all the way through the steep trail, following our ascent we shall ultimately arrive at the community village of Seduwa. We shall rest for the day here and glance at the awe-inspiring views of green hills covered with luxuriant forest. Stay overnight at Seduwa.

Day 05: Seduwa to Tashigaon

Before commencing further into our trekking trails ahead, today we need to check and verify our permits in the entry checkpoint of Seduwa village. After completing all the necessary formalities, we now walk further and in the beginning of our trek we shall make a gradient hike up through the hills covered with forest which are filled with rhododendrons all over throughout the paths. As we manage to walk further, we shall now move out of the valley and afterward steer the direction of our trail all the way through several terraced fields. Later on we shall reach the settlement of Manigaon village and from this place onward, our trekking trail makes us to walk past some amazing farmlands with verdant forests covering them up from the sides. With some more steps ahead, we shall finally reach the village of Tashigaon village which is going to be our final point for this day. This village is considered as the very last village in our march to Makalu Base Camp. Stay overnight at Tashigaon.

Day 06: Tashigaon to Khongma

Get ready as we have an extensively long trekking today with many steep ascends. After waking up early in the morning, we shall now continue walking ahead after eating our breakfast at the usual time. This can be a tough day for trekkers who don’t like walking over a long distance on steep hills so be prepared as you have to get to Khongma before dawn today in order to continue further on with your trek. In the beginning, we shall embark on our trek initially with a precipitous ascent from end to end of an intensely packed rhododendron and oak forests. Subsequent to that, our trail ahead shall step by step begin to clear up for ever present sights of unspoiled forests and as we keep on walking along our planned trail, we shall arrive at the minute settlement of Chipla village. Striding forward in the trail, we shall walk beside the ridge upfront before arriving at our final destination of Khongma village. This place has a small amount of tea houses and lodges in the company of contented facilities. Stay overnight at Khongma.

Day 07: Acclimatization Day

Going through our planned itinerary, today we have marked this day as the day for acclimatization and some rest so that you can be physically ready for the crossing of Shipton La Pass tomorrow. As you might have heard acclimatization is very vital and essential for any trekker who head to high elevated places. In order to help your body adjust to the surrounding atmosphere around this kind of altitude, a day stop at this place can make a huge impact upon the final result of this entire trek. Without proper acclimatization it can be very hard for trekkers to fully carry on with their trek and let alone complete the trek. We shall travel around the village area and take a short stroll in the region. Stay overnight at Khongma.

Day 08: Trek to Dobato

Okay, this is truly going to be one of the major highlights of your journey to Makalu Base Camp without a doubt. We shall wake up early and have our usual breakfast, afterward we shall commence with our climb up towards the summit of the Shipton La Pass which is situated at an elevated height of 4,216 meters above sea level. To cross this initial pass, it can take us a few hours so there no need to hurry and just keep on walking up slowly but steadily. Later on we shall go past the well known lake of Kalo Pokhari (3,930m), after that we now shall make an attempt to cross over the Keke La Pass which has an elevated height of 4,170m. From there trekkers can get a panoramic view of the entire region with an opportunity to view the marvelous Himalayan Mountains and peaks. Subsequent to crossing the Keke La Pass, trekkers need to descend to the gorgeous valley down below. Ultimately we shall reach our final destination of Dobate village. Stay overnight at Dobato.

Day 09: Trek to Yangri Kharka

Further on, we have to continue making our way through this isolated region of Eastern Nepal. We are now getting more and more close to our ultimate goal to reach the base camp of Mt. Makalu. We shall start off very early in the morning today to lessen the risks of landslides which are prone to this area. So from Dobato village, we shall bypass through some rhododendron forest which shall lead you to the wonderful Barun River and the higher reaches of the valley. At this point, we ought to be very vigilant as the path ahead is precipitous and laborious. Later after 2 hours of walking, we now take on a more pleasing trail and progress slowly to ultimately arrive at Yangri Kharka positioned at the base of the valley. Stay overnight at Yangri Kharka.

Day 10: Trek to Langmale Kharka

Wake up, have your breakfast and now we shall continue moving ahead to Langmale Kharka. It can take us up-to about 6 hours to reach our final destination today. We have a restrained walking ahead to the valley and we shall also get ahead of several fields with yak territory, and luxuriant forests. As we carry on with our trek, the valley walls ahead of us shall start to stand imposingly on top of us. Afterward we shall go past the village settlement of Merek as we make our effort to go further up and little by little we shall become aware of a noteworthy rise in the picturesque Himalayan views of Chamlang Peak, Peak 7, Kongku Chuli Peak and some other anonymous peaks. Before and finally approaching Langmale Kharka, trekkers can observe a fantastic sight of huge cliffs with caves, elongated waterfalls, and large grazing spots. Stay overnight at Langmale Kharka.

Day 11: Trek to Makalu Base Camp

The most awaited moment of our entire trek has arrived. Today we shall start trekking towards the Makalu Base Camp so with that mind, we now make our way ahead after having our breakfast. Trekkers will be walking along the trails filled with alpine atmosphere filled up with lush vegetations, prayer walls, and enchanting sceneries throughout the paths. Forests festooned with rhododendron, and juniper’s can be seen and as we walk past them we shall arrive at the village of Sherson which is the base camp area for Makalu Peak. With a sight of Lower Barun Glacier and upper part of Makalu’s south face, we shall trek ahead to the Makalu Base Camp in a slow but sure fashion. In a trail bounded by glaciers and crammed with rocks, we now continue hiking up to elevated altitude. Walking along with the imposing Himalayas and ice-cold glaciers we shall arrive at the Makalu Base Camp where you can take pleasure in the breathtakingly stunning sunset over the Himalayas. Stay overnight at Makalu Base Camp.

Day 12: Trek to Yangri Kharka

After fruitfully reaching to the base camp of Mt. Makalu, we shall now say goodbye to this amazing place today. After having our breakfast and taking some last pictures of this incredible place, we shall now start descending down from the base camp.  We shall retrace our steps back on our previously walked paths and by doing so we shall again pass through Shershong, Langmale Kharka, Merek before and ultimately descending down the valley to finally arrive at Yangri Kharka. Stay overnight at Yangri Kharka.

Day 13: Trek to Dobato

Moving on with our descent back down; we shall now head away from Yangri Kharka. After having our breakfast, we continue descending downward and pass through several lush forests and valley, rock falls. Making our way, we shall walk along the river banks of Barun River and continue moving down the path. From here the trail tends to get a bit tougher and along the route we will also be passing through some livestock grazing meadows to ultimately reach the final point, Dobato village which is a pictorial place with an unscathed scenarios. Stay overnight at Dobato.

Day 14: Trek to Khongma

Returning back to Tumlingtar, we shall now begin trekking down the hill again. After having our breakfast, at first we need to make a precipitous climb from Dobato and walk past through forests filled with firs and rhododendrons. Later on, after some moment of walking, we shall cross the Keke La Pass and Shipton La Pass respectively in our route ahead. Upon crossing these passes, we shall now make our descent down to Khongma village all over again. Stay overnight at Khongma.

Day 15: Trek to Tashigaon

Today we shall head towards Tashigaon, so we shall wake up and have our breakfast before continuing on with our trek. Usually the trek down from Khongma to Tashigaon can be a bit strenuous as you have to walk through long and steep descents cutting throughout the hillsides. In the course of heading ahead, our trail shall take us past the outsized forests to conclude our trekking for this day at the indigenous Sherpa village of Tashigaon. Upon reaching there, we shall check into a local lodge where we can put our feet up for the rest of the day. Stay overnight at Tashigaon.

Day 16: Trek to Num

Going further down from Tashigaon, we shall have our breakfast and then check out from the National Park counter. Subsequent to that we shall start moving down and reach the stunning Barun River again. From there we shall gain incredible scenarios of the immaculate glacial river and then continue walking further ahead until we reach the settlement of Seduwa. Later as we manage to pass through the rhododendron forest and several ethnic communities, we shall continue trekking down from Seduwa until we arrive at the Num village. Stay overnight at Num.

Day 17: Trek to Tumlingtar

We shall wake up, have our breakfast and then continue retracing our footsteps back down to Chichila. After moving forward for couple of hours we shall reach at the Chichila village and from there we can take pleasure in the superlative vistas of Mount Makalu (8,481m). This is the final section of our amazing trek as we move away from Chichila village to Tumlingtar for the overnight stay. We now continue trekking through the moderate trail; we shall arrive at Tumlingtar after 5-6 hours of trekking. Upon reaching there you shall be escorted to a lodge for the last overnight stay in this majestic region of Mt. Makalu and so we shall conclude our trek here. Stay overnight at Tumlingtar.

Day 18: Fly back to Kathmandu

For the last time, we shall wake up in the Makalu region of Nepal and then have our breakfast at our lodge. Today we shall take a flight back to the medieval city of Kathmandu from Tumlingtar airport which shall normally take about 35 minutes via Buddha Air. As we fly along the colossal peaks and above the emerald hills of eastern Nepal, we shall land in Kathmandu.  Upon reaching at Kathmandu, our representative shall escort you to your respective hotel where you can take rest for the whole remaining day. Later in the evening you may go for some souvenir shopping around the Thamel area as it is your last day here in Nepal. Stay overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 19: Final Departure

Today marks the end of our 20 days Makalu Base Camp Trek, so a representative of Adventure Master Treks & Expedition shall escort you to the airport for your scheduled flight back to your home nation. We hope that you have made some memorable moments during the trek with our trekking team. Wish you a safe flight and happy journey ahead!


  • Airport transfer pick up and drop
  • Hotel accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara with breakfast
  • Fly Kathmandu-Tumlingtar-Kathmandu
  • Teahouse accommodation during the trek
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the trek
  • An experienced, English-speaking and government-licensed trek leader and assistant trek leader (4 trekkers: 1 assistant guide), Porter service (2 trekkers: 1 porter) including their salary, insurance, equipment, domestic airfare, food and accommodation
  • All necessary paperwork and trekking permits (National Park Permit for Makalu, TIMS)
  • First aid Medical kit
  • All government and local taxes (including 13% VAT and 10 % service charge)
  • Transportation on private vehicle as agreed on the itinerary


  • Your Nepal entry visa fee
  • Travel insurance and emergency evacuation expenses
  • International airfare to and from Kathmandu and extra baggage charges in domestic and international flight
  • ­­­­­­­­­­­­Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu because of early arrival, late departure, early return from mountain (due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary
  • Lunch and evening meals in Kathmandu
  • All personal expenses (including the gears and clothing taken on hire by the participant, phone calls, battery charge, shower, etc)
  • Tips for guides and porters

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