A nation of palaces, fortresses, native land of Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism, spicy cuisines, and unique blend of customs, India put forwards lovely experiences, spiritual energy and wilderness to its guests. From lush hills and forests in the eastern part of the nation to the deserts and plains of the west, from the Himalayas of the north to the fertile waterways of the south, India is consecrated with the assortment of climatic, biological diversities of floral and faunal disparities.

A fusion of modernity and tradition charged with the influence of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and even Christianity makes India a heaven for travelers and explorers around the globe. India is a Mecca and a central hub for tourism to flourish and prosper. Offering overabundance of scenic diverse landscapes with an audacious diet, life-loving people and a celebration all around, one can get flabbergasted once they visit this mystic land. As a traveler one can’t help and simply be mesmerized by India’s world famous culinary cuisines and street foods with hot and spicy flavors which can be found within a nation full of unique blend of cultures in the metropolis. The snowy mountains of Kashmir, the heavenly valleys of Jammu and Kashmir, tantalizing food of Punjab, awe-inspiring hill stations including the beautiful Darjeeling, the architecture in Rajasthan and the embodiment of love in the Taj Mahal, just can’t be described; they can only be experienced in the tours of India!

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