Hang Gliding



Nepal is the home to one of the extreme mountain ranges in the world and each year comprehensible a lot of adventure enthusiasts come to Nepal to have a glance at them.

Not all of the travelers and visitors who come to Nepal want to view the Himalayas by trekking so Hang gliding becomes the next big thing for them. Hang Gliding is simply a newly added adventurous activity which has successfully attracted major number of tourists from the entire globe. You circle up to the clouds and make your way through the pristine air as you fly high above the valleys and lakes. Every adventure seeker who comes to Nepal should try Hang Gliding as it gives you one of the finest views of the northern Himalayas with some amazing scenery of the valley below. With special camera attached to the glider you should be able to capture every part of your marvelous flight through the blue sky with a light breeze of Himalayan air.

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