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Largely all the Banks in the Kathmandu valley are open Sun-Fri at 09:00am-03:30pm except for Friday as banks normally open at 9:00am and close at 01:00pm. However, many licensed money changers are open 12 hours per day.

If you are planning to go for trekking in the higher Himalayas then it is always recommended to buy High quality trekking gear and equipments that can handle the sub-zero temperatures and bone chilling winds. And during the monsoon times it’s obligatory to have an umbrella and raincoats with you as the weather is unpredictable so it won’t be a surprise if it rains during a sunny afternoon. Frivolous and sultry clothes with umbrella are advised for June to August.

Nepal is famous, as it is a complex and eye-catching embroidery formed by the intermingling of Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions. Religious lenience and accord found in Nepal, is conceivably an only one of its kind example in the world. As per the statistics provided by the census of 2011, 81.3 % of the mainstream populations follow the Hinduism which is respectively followed by Buddhism at 9% and Islam at 4.4% of the population.

First of all if you are traveler who has only few days to stay and needs to leave immediately then you must check the most up-to-date news regarding the current situation of Nepal prior to your arrival. Vicious crimes are infrequent, but pickpockets are very widespread, particularly in jam-packed areas. Also stay away from public demonstrations as recurrent strikes are a nuisance because all transportation for the time being often stops, and many shops, banks, ATM’s and restaurants remain close during the entire protests. Keep valuables about your person in a money belt, or store them in a hotel safety deposit box. Lastly due to a lack of proper streetlights, be cautious of opportunistic crime and as Nepal’s roads aren’t well managed do watch out for potholes in the dark.

In Nepal a sales tax also known as Value Added Tax (VAT) of 13% is additionally added to supplementary goods and services. It is widely common that VAT is commonly added to hotel room rates, and mid- to upper-end hotels time and again have an added 10% service charge. Both of these charges are usually integrated in the charge cited.

Comparatively Nepal has a very low costs contrasted to International Western standards but it is common for prices to jump in major tourist areas such as Thamel & Pokhara. Be aware as you might be overcharged in some touristic destinations. Yes, there are banks and ATMs available all over the metropolis, but that doesn’t mean they always work so keep a reserve of cash with you. And credit cards are generally only accepted in a few mid-range and most top-end places.

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