Top 5 Himalayan Lakes of Nepal

Lakes of Nepal

“Feel the eccentric joy of traveling to the scenic Himalayan lakes of Nepal.”

With stunning natural charisma and awe-inspiring sceneries, Nepal dwells in the striking basket of exotic Himalayan Lakes which seem to stay unchanged throughout the years with ever more exquisiteness. Any traveler who loves being up close with nature then a visit to one of Nepal’s amazing Himalayan Lakes can be a sensible step to gain a never forgetting travel experience in Nepal. Below we have listed out some of the most pristinely preserved gleaming lakes which allures the eyes of every visitor who come wandering towards it.

  • Tilicho Lake

To begin our list, we shall talk about Tilicho Lake which to introduce is the world’s highest lake in the world. It is situated at an elevated height of 4,949 meters above sea level due to which the lake has been pristinely preserved in the Annapurna range of western Nepal. Trekkers seem to love trekking in Annapurna region so a side visit to Tiliciho Lake sure can add some extra joy to their traveling days. Not only that but, Tilicho lake holds a great historical and cultural value in the hearts of Hindu believers who tend to link the lake with the “Ramayana”. So, if you ever plan on trekking in Annapurna then do make sure to manage some time out to explore this mystical lake of the Himalaya.

  • Gokyo Lakes

If Annapurna region has Tilicho Lake then to match it Everest region has Gokyo Lakes which truly seem to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. With luminous blue green fresh waters, Gokyo Lakes are the combination of six different lakes which according to the height elevation is the highest fresh water lake system in the world. As it doesn’t lie within the mainstream trek trail of Everest base camp, Gokyo Lakes can be the perfect off the beaten path trek destination for anyone who has a niche for a remote scenic natural trail. Trekkers in the Khumbu region should not miss their chance to visit this remarkable place.

  • Rara Lake

Located northwest of Kathmandu at an elevation of 2,990 meters above sea level is the fabulous Rara Lake which in terms of surface areas is the biggest and deepest lake of Nepal. Surrounding it is the Rara National Park and tourists normally tend to visit it during the months of September/October and April/May. Nevertheless, Rara Lake is a magnificent natural lake which habitats some of the most extreme ecosystem. A visit to this stunning lake provides travelers with an opportunity to witness the scenic harmony of nature and culture living by together as they make their way inside the Rara National Park.

  • Shey Phoksundo Lake

Shey Phoksundo Lake is another beautiful Himalayan lake situated in the northwest trans Himalayan region of Nepal where the mass population has yet to enter. Due to its remoteness, Shey Phoksundo Lake has a very pure blue colored fresh water which seems to be a very pleasing sight for the visitor. Being close to the Tibetan border, Shey Phoksundo Lake has a region filled with mix diversity of culture which are mostly influenced by Tibetan traditions. Being conserved by the Shey Phoksundo National Park, it has a very greenish blue water with a maximum depth of 145 meters. Also, the trail leading to Shey Phoksundo Lake has several spectacular mountain scenery and superb landscapes which accompany travelers during their entire journey. There are several Buddhist gompas near to the lake among which the Shey Gompa is the most dominant one.

  • Gosaikunda Lake

One of the most revered Himalayan lakes of Nepal is the Gosaikunda Lake which is located inside the Langtang National Park at an approximate elevation of 4,380 meters above sea level. It is just 150 km away from the Kathmandu city so it can be easily accessible in a short amount of time without prior need for air travel. Surrounded by snowcapped Himalayan mountains, the scenery of lake seems to mesmerize anyone who enters it realm of mysticism. Gosaikunda Lake holds a vast array of mythological and natural significance which falls on the Dhunche-Helambu trekking route. Another fun fact about Gosaikunda Lake is that during the winter months, the lake freezes entirely which can be a view worth seeing.

The wonders of travel are unimaginable and just like that a visit to one the above listed lakes can be a memorable trip experience for anyone who visits them.

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