Do’s and Don’ts in Nepal

Do’s and Don’ts in Nepal

“Courteousness is consideration for others; politeness is the method used to deliver such considerations.”

Nepal is a rural nation and the vast majority of the general population is dependent upon agro based employment. Hence the greater number of general population are in a great deal more conventionally present than their counter parts of city areas like Kathmandu and Pokhara. In Nepal the travelers and explorers comparably can see diverse social communities and the vast majority of the general population living in a joint family house which is one of the reason Nepalese tend to be very wary about others behavioral etiquettes in reference to their family customs. Consequently, Nepal as a nation is open to trekkers, adventure seekers, explorers and tourists from around the globe with an affectionate attitude but with affection that they greet travelers with comes a generosity to repay their affection with proper norms and values expected from you.

Here in this blog I shall be discussing about some Do’s & Don’ts which shall help you to act and seem well-mannered with regards to Nepalese culture and traditions:

  • Attire & Dresses

In Nepal the best thing to do particularly for ladies is to dress unobtrusively. When in doubt, your attire ought to be beneath the knee and ought to cover the shoulders. Exposed shoulders are an indication of eternality particularly for ladies who will pull in undesirable consideration from men. Customarily, Nepali ladies wear a Kurta in the event that they are unmarried and a sari and pullover after they are coupled. Just in Kathmandu city, you can see ladies wearing meager garments and afterward once in a while. The nearby men for the most part wear shirts and jeans. It's adequate for setting out guys to wear longish shorts and tea shirts. You ought to abstain from going exposed chested particularly in the remote regions. The vast majority of the old individuals put a topi (cap) on their head. Wearing fitting dress is aware and individuals will treat you appropriately.

  • Asepticism and sanitation

All substantial emission and items are viewed as dirtied. A Nepali individual won't venture over your feet or legs. You ought not touch individuals on the head nor should you touch or point your feet at individuals. This can be a grave affront. The left hand is likewise viewed as dirtied; you ought to never offer it to somebody. Typically, Nepali individuals don't utilize bathroom tissue or tissues they think that its unhygienic. In the can there will be water for washing your parts with. You ought to utilize your left hand just for this. Try not to hope to discover bathroom tissue in private houses esp. in remote territories. Likewise, you ought to note that in many lodgings and eateries tissue is given however you ought to place it in the canister gave, not flush it down the can as this can obstruct the pipes.

  • Etiquettes among men and ladies

Physical contact amongst men and ladies ought to be maintained a strategic distance from in broad daylight. In spite of the fact that you will see that it is worthy for young men and to clasp hands and so forth and tight clamp versa for young ladies. Expect to see young men strolling affectionately intertwined and embracing. These things are indications of fellowship and ought not be taken some other way. You will never observe Nepali men and ladies showing indications of friendship towards each other.

  • Sustenance/Food

Most Nepalese eat with their hands and don't feel good while eating with utensils. They utilize their correct hand for eating and left hand is utilized for latrine cleanliness purposes. In the event that you are welcomed into a house to eat you may find that they don't have cutlery. You will be demonstrated a place to wash your hands and face prior and then afterward eating. Your plate is considered as just yours once you start eating you ought not share or offer this nourishment to any other individual. You ought to likewise eat everything that is placed before you. In the event that you feel you have been given excessively nourishment, request that they take some away before you initiate eating, this is flawlessly worthy and is more refreshing than squandering sustenance. Nepalese won't as a rule take nibbles of each other's sustenance. While drinking water Nepalese individuals drink without letting it touches by their lips. In the event that you are uncertain simply watch what the other individuals are doing.

  • On holy revered sites

You ought to be particularly touchy about behavior in spots of love. Dress conservatively and keep shoulders and knees secured. Uninterruptedly you need to remove your shoes before entering in. Be careful that some Hindu sanctuaries don't permit non Hindus to enter. Additionally, you ought to solicit before taking photographs from religious celebrations, incineration grounds and within the sanctuaries. On the off chance that you are wearing cowhide belt you will be rejected passage into the sanctuary. Additionally, you ought to note that dairy animals are a sacrosanct creature in Nepal and harming or executing them is an offense. Lastly, be prepared as you will encounter dairy animals wandering unreservedly everywhere.

Ultimately if you can maintain all your norms accordingly in relative to the above points then you shall have no problem exploring around the peoples of Nepalese society.

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