Also known as “The Land of Thunder Dragon” Bhutan is geographically bordered by China in the North and by India in the south.

Bhutan has remained sequestered from the rest of the world in its pristine state, unspoiled by outside influences. Bhutan is perhaps the last Eden, not just in part, but in its entirety. Bhutan is endowed with spectacular & incredible natural exquisiteness, surrounded by consecrated and blessed mountain peaks and divine lakes. The country manages to retain all the charm of the old world. Travelers to Bhutan shall experience the fascination of the pure and out of the ordinary land, through its prehistoric and medieval temples, monasteries, and fortresses makes Bhutan a true haven for natural world sight seekers and thus it is also considered as one of the most elite tourist destination in the world. With its magnificent and grand art, terrific architecture along with its charming communities of diverse ethnic people following their traditional customs has made Bhutan a serene place to visit. Their unique customs, beliefs and life-style are magical and preserved in its ancient ways. Tour and trekking in Bhutan is possible all the year round except in the monsoon months but during normally from March to May and September to November, Bhutan is open to greet you with amazing travel experiences with their memorable festivals and customs.

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